Mara Streberger


Installation Art


About the work:

In method, my artwork is very much inspired by my own life experiences, and I have developed a particular interest in how the surrounding environment informs it. My current work is perpetually informed by sound and sometimes by silence. I collect field recordings of natural sounds that occur in the environment and reinterpret this information by combining the material of glass, paper and found rocks coupled with elements of sound, photo, video, writing and the activity of listening. I create works of art that communicate a cultural analysis with references to nature. My hope is to draw attention to the natural environment and ecosystems that may be threatened or even faced with extinction. As civilization develops, the notion of silence becomes more difficult for the everyday person to distinguish, especially those living in urban areas. I feel the artist must take responsibility to highlight and bring attention to what is often left unheard or unseen.

About Mara:

Mara Streberger was born and raised in Tinton Falls, New Jersey and moved and lived throughout Japan which had a significant effect on her development as an artist. When she first arrived to Japan her grasp of the Japanese language was sparse, and this challenged her to develop an acute awareness, to be in tune with her surroundings and to so so with the utmost sensitivity. Upon returning to the States she then received an MFA from The Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI, USA. She is currently engaged in an artistic research project in Greenland and Denmark awarded through the Fulbright Grant 2012-2013 period.